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Several years after establishing Agri-King in the United Kingdom, Silo-King®, Agri-King’s forage treatment program was registered in Canada and joined the Canadian marketplace. Silo-King® has been helping to improve dry matter retention in selected Canadian forage and cereal crops ever since.

Silo-King® is a multi-purpose forage and grain treatment program that is available in two forms: Silo-King® Plus II and Silo-King® WS.

Silo-King® Plus II is a dry product, which comes in 15 kilogram bags and is designed to treat alfalfa silage, corn silage, high moisture shelled corn and alfalfa hay.

Silo-King® WS comes in 200 gram packets. Each 200 gram packet treats 50 metric tonnes. This water soluble form is easily used by producers and custom operators on alfalfa silage, corn silage and high moisture shelled corn.