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Glass Pac Canada

Booth: 97 Hall
5 Bast Place, Box 209
St. Jacobs ON, N0B 2N0

Miscellaneous Information

At GLASS-PAC, we strive to supply and service the best ventilation systems, as well as feeding and watering equipment for hog and poultry producers across Canada.

Since 1984, hog and poultry producers have put their trust in the professionals at GLASS-PAC, to design and build ventilation systems that work. With products like our own energy efficient fibreglass exhaust fans, air inlets, electronic controls and heating systems, along with suppliers like Fancom, Hired-Hand, Lubing, Roxell and Weda, we offer quality products from around the world.

We also manufacture custom built horse stalls, fan shutters and winter covers, tumble feed mixers, hammer-mills and stainless penning products.