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Booth: 50-51 Arena
8016 Wellington Rd. 7
Moorefield ON, N0G 2K0
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Miscellaneous Information

Country Air & Repair began serving the community as an air-conditioning business. Now, Chris and Josh Bogaert have three on-road units. Farm, Construction, and Fleet air conditioning customers have built a large customer base, now expanding to provide dealerships with parts & service.

Chris and Josh Bogaert have been members of MACS (Mobile Air Conditioning Society) since 2002. Being a member gives Country Air & Repair the advantage of monthly updated information and raising their expertise to the next level. MACS is a company dedicated to mobile air conditioning and extremely educated in the agricultural and construction industries. Country Air & Repair believes that being up to date with the latest information and technology is extremely important to their business.

One of the most unique products that Country Air & Repair has available are Compressor Conversion Kits. As owners of equipment know, that compressors can be an expensive portion of repairs. Chris & Josh found these conversion kits, are cost efficient and extremely simple to convert almost any compressor to a common accessible compressor. These conversion kits allow their customer to avoid buying expensive remanufactured compressors that are so prone to leaking, the whole industry is trying to avoid using them. Country Air & Repair stocks many of these compressor conversion kits, standard compressors, condensers, driers, evaporators, expansion valves, fittings and hoses.

Country Air & Repair also sells products from trusted names like, IXL products, Vbine wind turbine, corn and anthracite stoves, Ferris and Simplicity lawn & garden accessories.

Through Ferris & Simplicity , the consumer have a wide range of lawn and garden power equipment to choose from. With a selection of brands and models that offer a range from the economical, light-duty, walk-behind model to the heavy-duty, ride in style, commercial units and every thing in-between. Simplicity has proven, “ The best cut in the industry”. Simplicity has been manufacturing lawnmower since 1922, not only as Simplicity but for Massey, Agco and Duetz-Allis. Ferris is the only company to have patented independent suspension and the best ride. With these companies behind Country Air & Repair there is only one solution - satisfied customers. Country Air & Repair can help the farm, the country or town customer.

Being a family business, Country & Repair does support the customer with hometown service. There is always the challenge of growth, but Country Air & Repair has been successful because of their trained employees and community support. Country Air & Repair is looking forward to the upcoming year and wishes to invite the community to stop in and check out what they have to offer in products and service. Coffee is always on!

Dealers are welcome to check out our inventory for a great selection of compressors as well as hoses,fittings, and much more. So come on in and have a look, and let us buy you a cup of coffee!